Aventura has a racing program that allows you to participate in non-spinnaker round-the-mark races on Sunday afternoon. All sailors are welcome regardless of experience. It’s a great way for new sailors to meet other sailors and go sailing!

Sundays at 11:30 AM,  Meet at Aventura, race starts 1:00 PM. Cost shared with skipper and crew typically $40-$45 each.Just show up, no experience or reservation required.

Race schedules will be posted on our  Club Calendar.

The racing program is a great way to learn boating skills, network with other sailors, and become familiar with different boats and their varying systems. After one or two races you’ll be familiar with the race management.  Random selection of boats, skippers, and crew gives each boat and crew an opportunity to work with and learn from the different skippers and crew.

A low point scoring system similar to yacht club races was designed, assigning points to skippers and crew according to where their boat finished. There is also a drawing system for skipper, boat, and crew assignments, a trophy system to reward those who participate, and e season-end Regatta to bring all the races together for the final race of the summer season.

You can participate simply by being an Aventura member and attending a race. You do not have to complete you Basic sailing class, but you should always let your skipper know your skill level. You can bring guests, but you’ll held responsible for them. Race skippers should have done a few successful charters and some races as crew. Each skipper is responsible for the boat, complete the discrepancy report, collect the charter and race entry fees from his crew and pay the boat charter fee on the day of the race.

The race program is managed by a volunteer who attempts to keep the program on-going by following set procedures and guidelines. Special evening rates are given for all Aventura race program charters. The race organizer coordinates the sign-in of skippers before the race and administers the drawing of skippers, boats and crew. During the winter races the race organizer and skippers decide on a race course before the race. The race start is led by one of the skippers or crew members. The start line is an imaginary line drawn between the green buoy (G “1”) and the headlands, the finish line is drawn between the end of the jetty and the red buoy (R “2”).