Aventura Sailing Academy

Since its inception in 1976 Aventura Sailing Academy has been the original sailing school in Dana Point.  Whether you don’t know bow from stern or you’re a world cruiser,  Aventura Sailing will teach you the whole range of skills, from basic crew participation to achieving the confidence to sail the coast, cross oceans, or charter a boat internationally.  Over the years, more than 10,000 students have taken courses with Aventura Sailing and learned to cruise and race safely and proficiently.  Our proven curricula and well honed teaching methods focus on giving you individual attention while fostering good “team play” with your fellow students.

Aventura Sailing Academy

Over the years Aventura Sailing has developed a well proven path to take our students from never having set foot on a sailboat to becoming proficient sailors and, in some cases, even instructors.  All of our courses are taught on 30-32 foot sailboats with fixed keels, wheel steering (no tillers), inboard diesel engines, and roller furling jibs. These features will help you build immediate confidence with the equipment so that you can focus on learning how to sail.  The backbone of our curricula are 4 sailing courses that have a mix of classroom lectures and on-the-water labs.  All lectures are held at the Aventura Clubhouse and the labs at the docks in Dana Point Harbor and usually span 2 full weekends.  The courses are:

A01 - Aventura Basic Sailing Course
A02 - Aventura Intermediate Sailing Course (back for 2020)
A03 - Aventura Advanced Sailing Course
A04 - Aventura Coastal Navigation Course

ASA Certification

We are working around the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions but we are still on course to become an American Sailing Association accredited school by October 1, 2020.  Initially we will be offering all courses up to ASA 106 and by 2021 we will expand our curricula to include all courses up to and including ASA 118.  Whether you are a novice sailor, rekindling a forgotten passion, or aiming to further your sailing skills, Aventura Sailing is here to help you achieve your goals.

Why is certification important?

Sailing is a performance-oriented activity.  The American Sailing Association (ASA) and Aventura Sailing are dedicated to recreational boating and safety through education and respected professional standards. These standards provide you with a means to prove your knowledge and abilities. As a student, you are issued an ASA logbook - your passport to sailing - which documents your achievement of these standards to enable you to charter (rent) almost anywhere in the world.  Additionally. if you are a boat owner,  ASA certifications may qualify you for dicounted insurance premiums.

The ASA Sailing courses that we will be offering at Aventura Sailing are:

ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat Sailing
ASA 103 - Basic Coastal Cruising
ASA 104 - Bareboat Cruising
ASA 105 - Coastal Navigation
ASA 106 - Advanced Coastal Cruising
ASA 107 - Celestial Navigation (starting in 2021)
ASA 114 - Cruising Catamaran (starting in 2021)
ASA 118 - Docking Endorsement (starting in 2021)

View detailed information about lessons on our sailing courses page. Courses are scheduled 12 months in advance. View the course schedule to see availability and log in or create an account to register.

Elective Courses & Clinics

In addition to full-length courses, we offer a selection of clinics to help you focus on improving targeted skills. Often only one day, these hands-on opportunities supplement your training and give you flexibility when looking for additional experience.  Learn a new skill, refresh or refine an existing one, there is something for everyone.  Here is a list of Elective Courses and Clinics at Aventura Sailing Academy:

A06 - Navigation Course
C01 - Docking Clinic
C03 - Sail Trim Clinic
C04 - Instrumental Navigation Clinic
C07 - Catalina Island Mooring Clinic
C12 - Heavy Weather Sailing Clinic
C14 - Asymmetrical Spinnaker Clinic
C18 - Night Sailing Clinic
C19 - Sailing the Channel Islands Clinic
R01 - Basic Racing Clinic

View the details for our clinics on our clinic page. View clinic availability and reserve your spot on the schedule page.

Private Certifications

Private certifications are used in the case where someone is interested in getting certified through us, typically so they can charter our boats as a member. That person has extensive prior knowledge with sailing and is uninterested, or unable to take our class. With a private certification one would sign up for membership when booking the instructor’s time.  Read more...

Aventura Racing

In addition to our courses and clinics, you can fast-track your sailing skills and experience by joining the Aventura Racing Program. As a member of Aventura Racing newcomers will start in the Thursday afternoon (Farkles or Thirsty Thursday" ) or similar weekend non-spinnaker races and then move on to more competitive racing in the Dana Point Fall, Mid-Winter and Spring Series, as well as a variety of races off Dana Point and along the coast.  The prerequisite Introduction to Racing Program provides the theory and on the water experience to feel confident in any crew position. Learn more about Aventura Racing by calling the office to sign up.

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