Although very similar in scope, there is not a direct correlation between the legacy Aventura Sailing courses and an ASA counterpart.  If you currently hold an Aventura Sailing Basic, Advanced, or Navigation Certificate you are still allowed to charter boats in our fleet.  This may change in the near future as the insurance industry is pushing for sailing clubs to adopt universally recognized teaching methods and ASA is one of them.   Until then, and we will give you plenty of notice, you are good to sail with your Aventura Sailing Certifications.

On the other hand, if you wish to convert your current Aventura Sailing Certification to an equivalent  ASA Certification, we have created 2 conversion clinics that will allow you to do so at a reduced cost.  These clinics will be run in Winter of 2020/21 and will be retired before the beginning of the 2021 Spring Season.  If you want to take advantage of this opportunity please click on the relevant clinic icon to see pricing and schedules.