Aventura Basic Sailing Course

Our Basic Sailing course consists of 21 hours of instruction designed for the student with limited or no experience in sailing and will qualify members for chartering.  Included are 9 hours of classroom lecture emphasizing nautical terminology, aerodynamics of sail, boating safety, rules of the road, radio procedure, anchoring and heavy weather survival.

In addition, students exercise practical sailing skills in 12 hours of lab sessions aboard 30ft boats, with emphasis on sailing maneuvers, docking procedures and “man-overboard” recovery techniques.

An additional 2 hour lab emphasizing Aventura charter policies, boat systems, and safety is given to current and prospective members.  After this, you’ll charter sailboats as big as 32 ft (refer to “Certification Information for Chartering” section).

Basic Lectures

1. Terminology
2. Safety –PFD’s, Fire, Man Over Board, Sailing Checklists, Knot Tying
3. Rules of the Road, Aids to Navigation, Systems
4. Heavy Weather, Anchoring, Examination

Basic Labs

I. Dockside Orientation
II. Sailing Maneuvers, Man Over Board
III. Docking & Sailing Review
IV. Anchoring, Docking & Sailing Review

The first class starts at 8am.  Parking available across the street from the Aventura building (if you don’t have a gate card). Call Today to Reserve Your Seat! 949.493.9493

Member Pricing $ 625.00
Non-Member Pricing $ 895.00

Course Downloads

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Lab 1 Dock Location