ASA 103

Our Advanced Sailing course is designed for the student with experience on 32ft keelboats with inboard engines and wheel steering.  It includes 8 hours of classroom lectures and 12 hours of on-the-water instruction and will qualify members for chartering boats 33ft to 38ft.

Topics covered in the course include advanced sailing techniques, sail shape and trim, docking, mooring and anchoring procedures, night navigation, marine electronics, heavy weather seamanship and use of the sextant in navigation.For those with experience, this course will let you charter boats through 36 ft.

Advanced Lectures

1. Sail Shape & Trim, Tuning, Balance of Sail Plan
2. Weather, Maneuvers Under Power
3. Night Sailing, Diesel Engines
4. Anchoring, Heavy Weather Sailing

Advanced Labs

I. Advanced Sailing
II. Docking, Maneuvers Under Power
II. Night Sailing, Electronic Navigation
IV. Anchoring, Heavy Weather Techniques

Prerequisites ·         ASA 101, Basic Keelboat Sailing

and the ability to demonstrate competencies in all knowledge and skills elements of those Standards.


ASA 103 Pricing

Member Pricing **$595.00
Non-Member Pricing **$695.00
** Pricing includes the ASA 103 Manual:
Coastal Cruising Made Easy and ASA 103 certification

ASA 103 Course Schedule

DateClass TimeLab TimeLecture & Lab #
Saturday, May 18am to 3pm
Saturday, May 88am to 3pm
Saturday, May 158am to 3pm
Saturday, May 228am to 3pm
Saturday, July 310:30am to 12:30pm12:30pm or 3:30pmLecture I & Lab I
Saturday, July 1010:30am to 12:30pm12:30pm or 3:30pmLecture II & Lab II
Saturday, July 1710:30am to 12:30pm12:30pm or 3:30pmLecture III & Lab III
Saturday, July 2410:30am to 12:30pm12:30pm or 3:30pmLecture IV & Lab IV