Private Certifications

Private certifications are used in the case where someone is interested in getting certified through us, typically so they can charter our boats as a member. That person has extensive prior knowledge with sailing and is uninterested, or unable to take our class. With a private certification one would sign up for membership when booking the instructor’s time.  A basic certification , like a basic private lesson costs $325 or the special rate of $525 including membership. We can break Private Certification into three steps.

The Private Lesson is the on the water portion

The private Lesson is 3 hours, on the water and the member is highly encouraged to bring at least one  crew person. The instructor evaluates the member’s sailing skills and passes them for docking. The boats that they are allowed to charter after certification is specified by the instructor at this time. For example, if their private Lesson was on License to Keel, the instructor may put “good to charter up to 32’” on the Member proficiency card. The instructor may indicate that the student needs to charter Me II or Lady Luck first too. Check with head of the sailing school, Mark Howe, for specifics on the actual checkout.

Basic Sailing Written Exam 

We require before chartering that a member passes the basic sailing test, to be graded by the instructor who gave them the Lesson.  This may be better performed prior to the Lesson in case there is discussion necessary.

New Member Orientation (NMO)

Like any new member, we require them to attend one new member orientation.

After these 3 steps are complete they are free and certified to charter.

In the case  where someone wants to be certified on a boat over 33ft, then we charge an additional $50, because that is how much the Advanced Lesson costs. Everything else is the same, except they must take the Advanced Exam in ADDITION to the Basic Exam.

Private Basic Certification (Boats up to 32') - including membership  $ 525.00
Private Advanced Certification (Boats over 32') including membership  $ 575.00