Membership Levels

Social Membership

Our entry level membership gives you access to all of our Clubhouse social events as well as being able to participate in any of our Social Sails.  Social Members cannot charter any of our boats but may sail as guests of a Regular Member.

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Charter Membership

Our Charter Membership gives you access to our full fleet of boats (access to each boat is based on boat class certification). Charter Members can reserve our Clubhouse for private events based on venue availability.

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Family Membership

Designed for spouses or domestic partners residing at the same address, our Family Membership extends the full privilege of Charter Membership to both partners at a reduced rate.

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Membership Financial Commitments

Initiation Fee

Monthly Fee

Paid Annually on Jan 1st

Social Membership 100.00 50.00 550.00
Charter Membership 600.00† 100.00 1100.00
Family Membership 100.00 150.00 1350.00

† Includes basic certification/checkout.

All memberships require an annual commitment.  Early cancellation within the first year is the balance of the yearly membership fees.  After the first year, cancellations require a 90 day notice and/or payment of 3 month dues.