Yacht Ownership Options through Aventura Sailing

Aventura Sailing offers a variety of boat ownership options and each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages which mainly depend on how much time you wish to spend on your boat as well as your personal wealth and asset structure.   Here is a quick synopsis of the 3 main programs available through Aventura:

- Shared Yacht Membership

- Shared Yacht Ownership

- Full Yacht Ownership

All of these things have different meanings, but they all boil down, in a lot of ways, to who owns the boat.

Shared Yacht Membership

With shared boat membership, one person owns the boat and then places it into a management arrangement with Aventura Sailing which then offers other people memberships for usage time on board. A key difference between this business model when compared with chartering and boat club membership is that shared boat membership means you go cruising more than a week or two a year, always on the same boat, and the number of members with whom you share usage of the boat is limited to 6.

The main benefits of shared yacht membership include keeping buy-in costs low for a larger yacht, and leaving maintenance and marina headaches to Aventura Sailing. Because the yachts are on regular service schedules, they may depreciate slower than single-owner yachts, helping to preserve your financial investment.

Some downsides include having to, well, share.  If you are not the yacht owner your tax advantages are greatly reduced. You can’t personalize a fractionally owned yacht the way you could customize your own, and itineraries are planned in a way that you choose your slot in advance, which means there may or may not be an option for a last-minute getaway on a whim, or when a weather window looks great.

Shared Yacht Ownership

With shared boat ownership, you legally own a piece of the yacht as an asset that you can transfer or sell. Aventura Sailing formalizes this arrangement with the other asset co-owners (most typically 2 or 3) as well as manages all the scheduling, billing, and boat maintenance.  In exchange for your stake in the boat you will get an amount of allotted time on board each year.  The bigger a percentage of the yacht you own, the more time on board you get.
The main advantages and disadvantages of  Shared Yacht Ownership are the same as fractional yacht membership except that you are the legal co-owner of the asset and this allows you to take advantage of the tax benefits that are afforded to the owners of entertainment facilities used for business purposes.      

Full Ownership

Full ownership is exactly what it says:  Aventura Sailing will help you guide you through the process of acquiring a new sailing yacht from Group Beneteau (Beneteau, Jeanneau, Lagoon, and CNB), will help you find the most competitive financing option, and will then place it in our fleet of corporate client yachts.  These yachts are always chartered with an Aventura captain at the helm, and are typically used for outings of 4-8 hours with no overnight stays and very little usage of the galley.   The charter revenue is split between you, the owner, and Aventura Sailing, and each boat is required to charter for a minimum of 40 days/year in order to meet the slip requirements with the Marina.  This program is a perfect match for high income individuals that can use the tax advantages of depreciating a boat that is in charter and that are looking at a 6+ year waiting list for a slip in Dana Point Harbor.  As the owner of an entertainment facility used for business purposes, you will take full advantage of the current laws regarding depreciation of such assets.